Monday, April 30, 2007

closing down

I am closing this blog down. It's all I can do to maintain one blog, much less two.

So - if you'd like to see summers family updates go to my other blog...

Wednesday, May 31, 2006


We just returned from vacation with Jeremy's family in Sarasota, FL

We enjoyed walks along the beach

We enjoyed the sand

We enjoyed the pool

We enjoyed great seafood

But Macy loved drinking salty ocean water most of all

Friday, May 19, 2006

Gulfcoast Pictures

Jeremy and I are doing an internship with World Hope International this summer - gathering inspiring stories of spiritual growth and encouragement in the midst of the Gulf Coast disaster relief process. You can see a blog we've created for discussion here. We were able to visit three WHI sites (Bayou La Batre, AL - Gulfport, MS - New Orleans, LA) over Spring Break and catch a glimpse of the amazing things happening in these areas despite the unimaginable devestation.

Jeremy on the coast of Alabama

Shrimper's livlihoods washed up on the shores of Bayou La Batre

A New Orlean's home whose occupant escaped drowning through this attic hole

Devastated businesses along the Gulf Coast

Scenic Mississippi River from the French Quarter

Thursday, May 18, 2006


We went to a great easter gathering Sunday morning, lunch with good friends and then introduced Macy to the somewhat spiritual but mostly commercialized tradition of an easter egg hunt. Didn't take her long to catch on - especially when she learned her eggs had teddy grahams inside!

hungry little girl

the other day I walked around the corner to find Macy on the floor doing this...

Aparently the sandwich, banana, cheese and goldfish crackers she had eaten for lunch weren't enough. So she fished this lonely hamburger bun out (small enough to fit through the crack left by the safety latch) and was gobbling it down like she hadn't eaten for days.

See what I can do?

Macy seems to enjoy climbing in anything that she can fit her little fanny into...

and putting on anything she can get her noggin into.

Some cute pictures